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Woodhaven Homes, Inc. has been a respected residential building contractor and land developer, throughout Arkansas, for more than 44 years and has focused on building our homes with all practical energy saving features as a standard. These features include Solar Shield, High-efficiency heating and cooling systems, Tankless Rinnai water heaters, R-49 attic insulation and R-20 wall systems as well as insulated exterior doors and Energy Star windows with Argon Gas and Low-E glass. 

In addition to building the highest-quality homes around, we believe in the importance of building energy efficient green homes. When you consider our 1 year home builders warranty, 10-year structural warranty and our energy features, you won't find better custom home builders anywhere. The time is right to work with our company and design your home with all the features that you want, spending every dollar on your choices, not someone else's. 

As a trusted home contractor within the community, we strive to go above and beyond with our designs and our work. We are committed to Little Rock, AR!

After design, we do cost analysis on the project, giving you detailed budgets and purchase orders to make the project cost controls manageable. We currently are building energy efficient homes in the Maumelle, Sherwood, Cabot, Scott and Jacksonville areas. Click on a community to see a detailed map of available properties for that community.
Custom Home Builders Little Rock, AR

Trust Our Residential Contractors To Design A Home You Love!

Building a new home is a big endeavor. If you're ready to make a change, hiring a residential contractor who can design a custom home precisely to your specifications is the best choice you can make. At Woodhaven Homes, Inc. our goal as a residential contractor is to build high-quality homes that we are energy efficient and built to last. We're proud of all of our work throughout the Little Rock, AR community. 


1. Current Interest Rates: Today's interest rates are comparable to the early 1960's rates and can be locked in for the building period. Only 3 years of the last 40 years have shown us rates lower than today. NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY! 

2. Green Building Energy Practices: People say we don't build houses like they used to. Thank goodness! Today's quality and technology is so far ahead of homes of the past that there is no comparison. A 1970 model home had a SEER rating on the A/C of 6 and it lost 5% efficiency each year for the first 5 years. At 5 years old, it generated SEER 4 on the best day. Our units of today have a SEER rating of 16 with multi-stage blower and it does not reduce as it gets older. With R-20 walls and R-49 attics combined with "TechShield," (which lowers attic temperature by 30%) and tankless water heaters, the energy efficiency is substantially above the houses of yesteryear.

3. Present Construction Practices: Designing your home allows you to utilize advanced construction services and methods as well as engineered materials that can make today's housing much stronger and better than the houses of the past. Tall ceilings and elaborate trim give the atmosphere of the past with the quality of the present.

4. Design for Particular Site: Our Development Focuses on properties that have unique features. We have golf course sites, lakeside sites and river view sites as well as oversize country estates in both gated and non-gated communities. Design/Build allows you to maximize placement of windows, decks, and patios for the very best capture of views.

5. Lumber Prices are artificially low: It is quite unusual for lumber and interest rates to bottom together. Usually, one is up when the other is down. The lumber savings offset the increases in metals and still leaves money on the table.

6. Income Tax Deduction: Imagine cost less than $45.00 per month for $10,000.00 in house cost. That is typically the real cost when most people factor in the income tax advantage.

7. Housing Values are rising: It is not disputed that home values will continue to increase as the market recovery continues, driving material prices upward in the future years. As buyers you have a window of opportunity to build or buy while the rates are low and the prices are stable. To see the many benefits of building now versus waiting for perceived better conditions, contact us at 501-835-6269. We have offices at 8721 Warden Road in Sherwood, AR and #1 Country Club Circle in Maumelle, AR. It is our goal to remove the stress from the building process and make it an enjoyable experience.
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