Energy Savings
Energy Engineered Homes Means Energy Savings!
Our investment in energy saving features will translate into major savings for our customers. We don't just talk about it, we design energy efficiency into every home sold as a HouseJackBuilt. is going GREEN to SAVE Your GREEN. Your home will include the following money-saving features, keeping more money in your pocket every month, and helping to sustain our Natural State for future generations at the same time. 

The features listed below can allow you to live in a much larger efficient home at the same cost as a much smaller standard code home. At 4.5% interest rate, $5 will amortize $1,000 on your loan. If you are saving $100 per month, you can go up $20,000 in price with the same overall monthly cost as a standard code home of the same size. Many homes will actually have a greater savings than this example. 

TechShield Roof
(Lowers attic temperature by up to 30%)

R-49 Fiberglass Ceiling Insulation
(The major heating and cooling losses are at ceiling)

R-20 Wall System Insulation
(Fiberglass Batt and Rigid Styrofoam Insulation)

(Keeps outside unconditioned air from entering house)

Tight Ductwork
(Cuts Air Loss making the system much more efficient)
Vinyl Energy Star Tilt Sash Windows with Low-E Argon Gas Glass
(Cuts Heat/Cool Losses to Minimum)

Tall Ceilings in Allowable Main Areas
(Allows warm air to rise, keeping living areas cooler)

Rinnai Tankless Water Heater
(30% to 40% Savings on Water Heating)

16 SEER High-Efficiency Variable Speed Cooling System w/ 95% Efficiency Furnace
(Optional Heat Pump with Gas Furnace Backup)
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