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Our investment in energy saving features will translate into major savings for our customers.
We don't just talk about it, we design energy efficiency into every home sold as a HouseJackBuilt. is going GREEN, to SAVE Your GREEN. Your home will include the following money-saving features, keeping more money in your pocket every month, and helping to sustain our Natural State, for future generations at the same time. The features listed below can allow you to live in a much larger, efficient home, at the same cost as a much smaller standard code home. At 4.5% interest rate, $5 will amortize $1,000 on your loan. If you are saving $100 per month, you can go up $20,000 in price with the same overall monthly cost as a standard code home of the same size. Many homes will actually have a greater savings than this example. 

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Woodhaven Homes, Inc. has been a respected residential contractor and land developer, throughout Arkansas, for more than 46 years. After serving as President of both the HBA of GLR and the Arkansas HBA, our company continues to put our customers first with our Energy Engineered Homes. In addition to building the highest-quality homes around, we believe in the importance of building energy efficient green homes. > Read More
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1. Current Interest Rates
2. Green Building Energy Practices
3. Present Construction Practices
4. Design for Particular Site
5. Lumber Price at 3-Year Low
6. Income Tax Deduction
7. Housing Values are Rising
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